Returning to work

Hi I was put on antidepressants last week and have found they have stopped the anxiety . I had planned to return to work today , but last night I had bad insomnia . I am beginning to think that I am taking things to fast , but I’m desperate to get on with live . I just feel I’ll lose everything if I dont .

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Hi sorry for your loss. In your own time to return to work for some it keeps us busy occupied. For me it been 12 months I did go back but broke down does not help when your a nurse so to me I will return next week xx
Take care

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Thank you for your reply, I just wish I could get on with life , I know I will always love my wife and I miss her badly . But I know she’s not coming back , I cant let things fall apart

I know sometimes our grief gets the better of us we have to move forward for our well being it’s a day at a time
Take care

I seen another post which mentioned ‘sabotage’. I think I’m doing that, I will end up losing friends & family & support if I don’t get my act together. I will lose my job too if I don’t go back soon. Do I really care? Never slept till 5am, still in bed at 1.30pm. Do I really care?
Got up to make a coffee & managed to put a washing on, it could end up lying in the machine for a week… do I really care?


Hi there I completely understand , I can see no future . But the logical part of my brain is telling me I have to fight . I love and will always love my wife , I know she’s not coming back and I wouldn’t wont her to go through this if it had been the other way around . I know this is going to take a long time if ever . I have been priscribed antidepressants and I have to say they have taken the anxiety away . I’m going to try to get a routine going . Please dont beat yourself up over this , unless you have or are going through bereavement no one can understand . Please consider medication and I find walking helps . Take care of yourself .


It’s been three months today and I feel so lost and sad.
I went back to work on April 12th, as that’s what the government put in place.
I struggled to get up and go each day but I can’t afford not to work.
The financial responsibility is now mine.
Bills, food, maintaining a car comes at a price.
I’m exhausted at the end of the day and find myself in bed by 8.
Its an existence , not a life


I went back to work after ten 10 days.
And I think it was too soon. But sitting the house on my own was not good for me at first I thought going back sooner was helping but now I’m nnot sure sure

Sure it was a good idea.

I also returned to work quite quickly, primarily to get some company as staying in the house on my was not helping. I think I might have been much slower if I was working from home

I have been back at work 3 months now. I dreaded going back. My brain is still not working like it used to, and I can’t process things or multitask the way I used to. It is loads better than it was but I sometimes just go completely blank and can’t function for a few minutes. I do find the interaction with people at work helps during the day, and it gives me other things and people to think about. I cope as long as nobody asks me how I am. If I didn’t work I would probably see nobody during the week, and I don’t think for me that would do me any good. Still hate the lonely mornings, evenings and nights though, and insomnia doesn’t help. Trying to work after 3 hours sleep sometimes is not great. I have to work to afford the bills. Would prefer to go part time, but that isn’t an option at the moment. My partner and I always planned to do something work wise, even as a voluntary option, after we retired. Even though I am on my own now, I still have that in mind, in fact even more so. I need to combat the empty loneliness.

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It’s been 16mths since I lost my francis my partner of 10yrs our son was just 3yrs when he COLLAPSED at 34yrs with a major stroke, he was on life support for 2 days till I decided to take him off .I’m on 60mg of prozac &30mg of valium I also take at night 7.5mg of zoplicone a strong sleeping tablet. The the sleeping tablet doesn’t work ,but you do whatever you have to do to get thru the day .lm so sorry .

When I was prescribed Zopiclone, my GP told me it was a VERY mild tablet and not addictive., Maybe that’s why it’s not working for you. I should have another word with your doctor. There’s not much worse than having next to no sleep, and I feel for you.