Rob Burrow

I have not been able to stop crying since yesterday after hearing the sad news that Rob Burrow had died. My husband died at the end of December from MND and it has just opened up so much grief - too close to home I guess. Can’t understand why I’m crying so much but I think it’s because I’m always putting on a brave face for everyone :disappointed::broken_heart:


Oh @Magpie19
The news has obviously opened up your grief, reminding you of what you went through with your husband.
Please cry as much as you want, its perfectly normal, and forget the brave face, just think of you.

Sending you big hugs

Liz x


Sending you a big hug x

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I know so many things bring back memories. It is like I have just heard on the radio that cancer although rare has in creased by 25% for the under 50s in the last 30 years .My son was 47 when he died last year of secondary bone cancer. Just hope they can find a cure for all these things .:pray::pray::pray::pray::two_hearts:


MND is such a devastating illness its natural that the news about Rob Burrow brought back difficult memories for you. Let the tears go. I am slowly learning that it is better to shed them than bottling up your emotions. Warm wishes to you


It’s all still so raw for you. It’s perfectly, perfectly understandable. You are grieving a massive loss and the loss of Rob, although a stranger to you, I imagine, mirrors your experience of not only his passing but also the journey to that destination. You have experience and walked that journey and arrived at that same destination at first hand with your husband.
So go easy on yourself.
Grief is love turned inside out and upside down.