I was out in my yard this morning picking up leaves crying my eyes out wondering what am I doing this for, a robin literally walked up to me cheeping away just like my David talking all the time. I had a conversation with him asking him to take me with him as I hate every single day without you please come and get me. I hope he has listened as this existence is cruel.


Hi Jessica

I fully understand your pain but please don’t think like that his gone 2 a better place it’s not your time yet you have to be strong and carry on maybe he wants you to do some good on his behalf he wants you to live your life it’s hard without him but have to.

His crossed over to a realm of peace and bliss we all will cross eventually.

The world changes when you lose a loved one but try not 2 cry it will hurt his soul he doesn’t like seeing you like this

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His work on earth was done & will come for you only when it’s your time.
Maybe Srk is right, he could be visiting for a reason.

Try and encourage the robin to be a regular visitor.
Take care,
G. X

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