Lost my partner in april not been anywhere realy but on monday went to Northumberland for 3 days with 2 friends ,was dreading it in a way .Monday saw a robin in the garden ,the next day we went to Corbridge to a nice farmshop has im walking around heared a bird singing ,tweeting so loud thought it must be an orniment or something ,looke up to see a robin he then flew over near me then flew off .I know some people would say its coincidence but i do beleve it was a sign from my Graham and it has given me such comfort .Just wanted to share .Yesterday morning saw the robin in the garden again just before we came home .Anyone had similar experience xxx


Yes, I’ve had a robin come very close and chirped right at me, I was asking a friend how I will know if I have a sign :joy:

The other thing I see all the time is Buzzard Hawks. Myself, family, and his best friend see them a lot since he died. They come in real close and fly directly over us. The first one came a few days after he died and perched low across from the house and just sat looking at me through the window. He puffed up his chest and I just had an overwhelming feeling that it was my partner saying he will protect me. Who knows, but it is comforting when it happens. My partner’s best friend, and this has been observed by others he has ridden with, but he has hawks fly along side him when he’s riding his bike, something they always did together !

Can’t explain it but it happens.


They are definitely all signs Ali and for me to see a robin 3 days running is more than coincidence .I knew a young man who died at 36 his surname was a bird on the day he died in hospital when his family got home in his bedroom a bird ,same name was flying around in his bedroom amazing .I read on another post its your anniversary today so i hope you are ok xxx


Thank you. Yes, I’m doing ok x


I always think robins are a sign from my parents. But since my husband died 25 days ago I’ve seen jays. I’ve never seen them before and I’ve seen some in our car park, and one the other day in the park, in a place where I’m going to scatter some of his ashes. I took it as a sign he approved. Maybe clutching at straws but it helped me.


Hi paddy so glad you have signs too its so comforting isnt it its nearly 6 month for me and i feel hes around me still taking care of me in a way xxx


A short time after my husband passed away a little robin started to visit me almost every day in my garden. I started to get closer to it and noticed it only had one foot. I always took it as a sign from my husband as he was an amputee.


Thats amazing and a lovely picture .My friend tried to get a picture of the robin but it was inside the farm shop and people were passing by and frightened it off .Ive had other strange things happen since he passed in April so have no doubt hes with me in spirit xxx


My husband, Phil loved robins.
I do too. But I don’t think I ever really got the bit about robins being a sign.
I obviously didn’t believe strongly enough. I DO NOW!!

I’ve just been in the garden doing a job I’ve been putting off for ages ( Im sure many of you recognise that !)
We have a vine (30 years +old). And I haven’t been able to let our new puppy in the garden since the grapes starting falling (for those who don’t know, grapes are highly toxic to dogs). Our puppy wants to eat everything. It never bothered our other dog, he never tried to eat the fallen grapes.
Anyway today I have someone coming to cut the vine right back again. But I thought I better go and sweep up the mountain of leaves and grapes that had already fallen. Anyway did the whole job, 4 big bags full. The patio are was clear. I was feeling pleased with myself. Took the bags out through house to front garden, ready to take to dump later. Went back into back garden to look at my tidy work… And yes, you’ve guessed it…right in the middle of the patio was a robin hopping happily around.
I’m convinced it was my Phil telling me well done!
I firmly believe in robins now, and it’s such a happy feeling.

Thank you for reading. It’s so lovely to have this space to share things
Love and hugs to you all , I know how hard Sundays are for us all :yellow_heart::hugs:


Ps. I tried to take a picture but couldn’t get one with him close enough xx