Rock bottom...

Wednesday…never in my life had I felt so low. Losing my soulmate of 30 years,and then the heartless housing company serving me notice to quit our home was more than I could bear…I actually contemplated suicide for the first time in my life. Next morning I had an emergency meeting with my GP and he referred me to grief counselling. Then my local councillor contacted me to enquire about my situation and how it has affected me. He has taken on my case and so has my MP.
Suddenly the world doesn’t feel so dark,there are people out there who care and I don’t feel so alone. I feel like I’ve turned a corner and my beloved Kathy is watching over me.

I’m glad to hear that there is someone to fight with you.
Not sure how interested they would be but sometimes the local paper can be useful if the smell a story…

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Bless you Chris. So glad you have others on your side fighting your corner. The very last thing you needed at anytime, never mind right now. I’m wishing you luck and strength, Chris x

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What heartless people, how can they be so cruel. Keep up the fight. Please don’t go to that dark place again and so pleased you sort out help just when you needed it the most. Good luck

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It was close Pattidot,but my Gp and Shelter gave me the lifeline I needed,but the world is full of people who fake sympathy but have absolutely NO Empathy…especially the housing company.
But now Ive gone from Apathy to Anger to Action…I have reason to fight and a just cause…it’s not just about me,its about keeping the home I shated with my Beloved Kathy until her Death,and they have shown me no Empathy,only contempt. Now the have a fight on their hands not just from me but my councillors,my MP and my GP too. They want to fight dirty Im going to fight legally and if necessary my Local paper too.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes…typing when tired is notva good way to express your feelings.

Don’t worry about spelling mistakes - keyboards have a mind of their own anyway! After reading your first post I am so glad that you’ve found help and I wish you all the best. It can be so hard when your emotions are all over the place, because your life has been turned upside down, to concentrate on practical things.