Nearly five months now and there have been some quite good days but there seems to be a rebound effect so that after a fairly good day there are several really bad ones where I can’t stop crying. My son, who also lost his partner to cancer described it as being on a rollercoaster. I am so tired and wish that I could get off. Do other people get this rebound effect. When things aren’t too bad I know what will follow so can’t relax in those times. I do sleep but wake feeling tired.

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Yes it is a roller coaster isn’t it? Sometimes it even feels like we just get over one thing, another milestone in our journey and something like a good day can send us straight back to where we started. As you say, it must feel a lot like rebounding.
Sometimes each forward movement can teach us a little about how to cope and you are in the early stages of this great sad journey so maybe you have to just hang in there awhile longer for a bit more progress. Take what comfort you can get, be kind to yourself and just do what you can. For most here it seems to take small steps and we all hope that they’re forwards and not backwards. Big hugs.

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Thank you.

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I did a grief seminar on zoom through cruse on Friday.
They showed a picture of a rain cloud and that was loss and sunshine which was restoration. They said it’s normal in grief for the pendulum to swing from one to another. I so related to that because it happens to me too. As times passes the pendulum will not swing so much hopefully.


yes i feel exactly the samei am just over 4 months so same time as you
just as you think are getting better then all of a sudden memories come back into your mind of the day they died and the tears start flooding back again