Rubbish Christmas

Since I lost my mum Christmas 2022 was for the first time in 6 years a chance to celebrate Christmas and I felt so good and festive but there are two people my partner and her daughter who ruined it for me. From 10am Christmas Day all they did was argue. It didn’t come as any surprise as virtually every Christmas they argue even starting on Christmas Eve and carrying it on in till Christmas Day.
So at 4pm Christmas Day I had gone home. I had no Christmas dinner. Hot milk and weetabix was all I had I was angry with them all. I still am with my partner and not once has she apologised I doubt an apology is going to work. It’s been in my mind for couple of weeks. Why do I do this to myself put up with my partner of 15 years. I know one thing I’m going to have a conversation regarding our relationship that I want to see actual changes. She starts acting more like a girlfriend or I will walk away.
I told her Xmas eve and all I got was so your going to walk out on your granddaughter. I’m not related to her by blood but I do think the world of her. But if anyone is making me think of walking out of her life then It’s my partner with her unacceptable behaviour and if my partner thinks anything of her granddaughter and me she’ll make the necessary changes.
What I can’t abide is how she ruined Christmas knowing it was my first proper Christmas in over 6 years. Suffering the grief of losing my mum is bad enough she should know how I feel as she lost her mum 5 months after I lost mine. I swear the woman has a black heart. I just don’t know how much longer I can put up with her. The conversation I’m going to have with her is her very last chance. This is a woman who’s going end up sad and lonely. It’s what she’ll deserve if she doesn’t change her ways. I’d be interested to know if anyone thinks I’m being selfish?
Happy new year to you all


Dear @Steven

Christmas is a very difficult time when you have lost a loved one as it is all about families and your partner could still be grieving the loss of her mum. Grief has no time limits and grieving can go on for many years for some people, this is normal and grieving can also affect a persons personality.

It is good to talk and perhaps you and your partner could sit down and have a chat and let each other know how you are both feeling as you have both lost a parent and how it has affected you. This may help.

Take care.


Hi yes I would give anything for her and I to sit down talk. I have always known she’s grieving like me and yet she hides it very well. I know that when we both lost our mums I wanted and still do want us to unite jn grief find a way to get through this together but she’s so cold towards me. How do I get through that