Sad and alone

It’s been six years since I lost my man ,we were married forty years,
I’m sitting here tonight as I often do just wondering why I am still here with out him ,I’m so lucky great friends , great son’s ,and daughter in law s
I carry on going through my days but every night I feel so very very empty and want to just run away to were I don’t know .I want to know will I ever get to a more settled place ,
I’m sorry to goe on but I just felt if I talked it would help


I’m sorry but I have no answer to your question. It’s been 22 months widowhood and I’m aware that there is much further to go if I’m lucky. Best wishes to you and everyone.


Am feeling like this tonight.

I lost my partner suddenly in Feb he was only 36. Got support around me, but also feel so so lonely. I have a 4 year old but once she’s in bed everything is so quiet. Sounds silly am feeling jealous of other couples just doing there thing and am home alone.

Sending you love and hugs xxx

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The weekends and evenings are the worst. My wife died at the start of September from cancer and as the evenings get darker earlier, it means that the curtains close and it’s quiet. Also, trying to do things in the day, friends have been brilliant with support but I miss her so much, just the little things that go on during a ‘normal day’. It’s her funeral this Thursday which both my daughter who is 17 and I am dreading. I want it to be a celebration of her life but it will be just very very sad.

I understand your jealousy, seeing couples or people doing regular things, this should have been us. It’s hard not to be bitter about it.

But sending love and strength to you all. No one understands this unless you have been through it.


I’m so sad for you and your daughter too. My husband died 10 weeks ago and I was dreading the funeral but people were kind and they understood my tears but it all seemed so unreal that I couldn’t take it in. It was live streamed so I watched it again later… many times… and it sort of brought the reality home to me. I can’t say that it helped me but I felt I still had him with me. I wish you and your daughter some solace for the days ahead. It won’t be easy but somehow we get through it…don’t know how but we have to.


Thank you for your reply.

Am sending you and daughter massive strength and hugs for Thursday xxx


Don’t feel guilty I’ve done the same my husband died 3 months ago I’m 58 he was 58 when he died and when I see couples happy ,holding hands I just want to shout and scream ,why can’t I have that !!!


I am sorry for your loss. I had my husbands funeral last Monday. To see the coffin absolutely broke me & my children.
We were married for 40yrs and I understand the jealousy as I feel the same when you see couples happy and enjoying themselves. I’m also jealous of Grandparents with there Grandchildren wishing it was me & my husband.

I really feel for you. When I saw my husband’s coffin it all seemed so unreal and just like you I was heartbroken. But I have been far worse since the funeral…constantly crying and thinking about how we met all those years ago and all our married life inspite of many ups and downs due to things within our family happening for which he was my anchor and now all those years of marriage all gone in a whisper… People keep saying to me (even my own sister) you need a project to get involved in etc etc but I can’t think of anything worse at the moment. I won’t ever stop missing him I know that but maybe one day it won’t be as raw. My very best wishes to you in this horrible time.