Sad to lose someone who loves football

Hello I had lost my real dad his dad who is my other granddad he died this morning and I was wondering how do you cope especially if You have a disability and autism thank you

Hi, I am really sorry to read that your dad and grandad have died and you are so young. I think it’s good that you have come to this site for help. Keep writing on here, people will listen and help you. Do you live with your mum? If you do, try and tell her how you feel. Talk about your grandad. Ask what are the plans for the funeral, maybe you could choose a song or a reading so that you are part of helping to plan for this day. You are important, you must let your family know how you are feeling. Remember they will be very sad too. It is okay for you and them to cry. It’s also ok if you don’t feel like crying right now. Everyone is different and we all cope in our own way. If you would like to write about your grandad, or have more questions, come back to this site.

My dad died when I was 16 years old and my mum died when I was 22 so I live with my mum mum and dad

Ok, so you have lost a lot of special people in your life. Is it just you and nan at home or do you have siblings there?

I live whit my real mum mum and dad

Are you able to talk to them and tell them how you are feeling? Do you know when the funeral is?

I do talk to them but I don’t know when the funeral is yet

Ok, always know you can come onto this site if you want to talk about anything. You might want to share some nice memories of your grandad or parents or if you’re having a bad day and want to write about it. Maybe you want to put how the funeral went. There’s always someone who will listen. I will always write back to you if there’s something you want to share.