Sad today

Hi, I’ve posted a few times on here since losing my mum and dad last year.

I had my covid jab on Saturday and my god is it having an effect on me. I feel very hungover, aching all over and now a pair of curtains just made me cry - they’ve shrunk in the wash (ridiculous).

I’m feeling very very sad. Is it the side effect of the jab or just me!? I don’t want to moan on Facebook like everyone else. And here no one knows me so it’s easier.

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Hey Parrot09, I had the Oxford jab last week and it knocked the hell out of me. Bit of context - I’m 25 - but it’s been knocking other people my age out too.

A friend of mine, who’s mid 60’s, had her jab (don’t know if it was Oxford of Phyzer) and it made her feel wobbly for a while. Her Dad passed away with Covid last year so not sure if that had anything to do with it.

I had mine on Wednesday and I’d say I’m probably back to 100% if that’s any reassuring? :slight_smile:

I’m 48 and am very rarely ill so I don’t like this feeling at all. I came to bed early as I was so tired but now I’m wide awake.

I don’t like to moan really as I know it’s saving lives in the long run.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Steph

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I’m 52 and had the covid vaccine I was fine, had a achey arm and was, a bit tired the next day. Both my parents on there 70s have had it with no issues and other elderly family members. My husband and son get there first jabs this, weekend.

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Hi @Parrot09

How are you feeling today?
What you described is how I felt after I had the Covid jab. The first 24 hours I was fine, but the next 24 hours I felt very tired and under the weather. In the end, I just went to bed and tried to sleep it off. I also felt a bit sad, and was thinking about my parents. I think when psychically we do not feel 100% it does affect our emotions, and brings feeling of grief back to the surface.


Hi, I’m a bit better this afternoon after a shower. I was up at 4am woke suddenly in a hot sweat so just got up and watched tv. Then went back to bed from 7-10am (lovely sleep).

Got a massive dead arm and just feel physically tired but better than yesterday.

Had my 3rd counselling over the phone earlier so that helped too.

It does affect our thoughts when we’re sad and we think more about stuff.

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