How do you accept your fiancé is no longer here. It’s been 8 months. We went to bed expecting to meet the next day and he’s gone. I have never felt so alone


Dear Drews1977,

That must have been a terrible shock for you, to lose your fiance so suddenly. I don’t think anyone could answer your question on how you can accept that he is gone. Everyone griefs in their own way and according tp experts there are many different stages in grief, such as shock and anger, with the last one being acceptance, where somehow we learn to live without the person we loved so much.

I read your profile and you writre that you have two children. How old are they and are they living with you? Are you able to talk with each other about your loss? You also wrote very honestly that you have mental health issues and that you are drinking to numb the pain. You are very brave to mention that. It sounds like you coud really do with some support. Are your getting any help from your GP or from a mental health team?

It is good that you have come to this site. I hope that it well help you to read other people’s post and replies and that it will make you feel less alone.