My mum was poorly. After a spell in hospital she came home. She couldn’t cope and died in July. However the circumstances of her death were unexplained. There has been investigations into her death and the hospital where she was cared for. Finally at the end of November the inquest decided her death as an open verdict but hospital report left lots of questions. I have tried to support my sister and niece but I feel so sad. Inside I am sad. Christmas has been very difficult. I don’t cry in front of people as it worries them How can I not be sad. I miss my mum everyday even though I live far from her.

Helli misty, seems like you have been taking on a lot on top of your grieve it’s not easy dealing with hospitals and then to find out its an open verdict must of left you feeling are very brave not to cry in front of people,I myself don’t want to upset people but I can’t control it sometimes,they say it’s good to get your grief out so I hope you can in private at least.This site is helpful so keep posting.take care.skylark.