So we had the funeral for my Dean last Tuesday. Such a beautiful service really that although sad, also raised some laughs from people who knew him.
Waking up the next morning I had the realisation that he really was no longer here and I could just pop to see him for a chat. I have felt so empty and sad since then and find very little to smile about but haven’t cried since that morning. I don’t know why I have written this but can’t help but think about why I haven’t cried.

Anyway thanks for listening, so to speak :sleepy:


@Emwood18 ,my husbands funeral was last Wednesday. I too have been numb since. I feel for everyone else the funeral was a turning point, but not for me. For me its the beginning of a long lonely road. My thoughts are with you.


I get that completely. I just wonder what now? How am I supposed to keep going? I do keep going as we have 7 children with the youngest two being 15 and 12 and really needing me too.
Sending hugs to you.

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@Emwood18 thats all we can do - keep going. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren so i need to do my best. One foot in front of the other. I do hope you have some support, it must be so tough for you. Take care of yourself

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