Is it natural to have panic attacks when away from home .

I have assumed it probably is since I seem to get them, especially if it’s somewhere I haven’t been to before. Also I seem very tired and ache a lot, which I assume is something to do with grief.

Thank you my body is so numb at mo xxx

@12sosadcarol @Guineapig65 . I think its normal to have panic attacks any time whilst grieving. My husband’s death was sudden and unexpected at 67 and i experience them mildly most days but have had worse ones. I am on medication now and this has helped. I’m 6/7 weeks into the horrible grieving journey. Sending love

Thank you for message im 67 and never felt pain like this my husband was my best friend

@12sosadcarol , my husband was mine too. The wind beneath my wings, unconditional love and support i will never experience again. I miss him so much and hate feeling this pain.