Today has been a bad day I don’t know why I hate my mum for leaving me to deal with my brother I haven’t spoken to him since 4/5/24 he told me to leave him and that I don’t exist and my two girls I am so hurt :sob: I can’t go to my mums house as he would call the police on me my the bits mum left me he has if I go to the house I will hit him he has hurt me so much that is the only thing I would do my partner and my two girls say forget him I try but it’s hard I want what’s mine but mum has wrote in her will he can stay in the house until he don’t want to why did she do such a thing mum know she did the will wrong she left a message saying it but then it was to late mum passed away I just think he don’t see how it’s hurting me and how he holds all the cards I am so unhappy :disappointed: all I ever did was let him have the things so I kept the peace I want karma to pay him back as he just gave up on me why do I hurt so much

Im sorry you are having such a hard time. I’m sure your mum would not have wanted to hurt you but it would be so hard for her with this difficult situation. I hope you can find a solution.