so my great aunty got murdered in January every day is a struggle she was basically my mum i spent every summer with her and my uncle she was my everything when my mum wasn’t around which was all the time she took over as my mum. how do you deal with that she was my whole world

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Dear battleaxe1987,

What a tragic loss you have suffered. I can understand that you are struggling. Your great aunty was ike a mother to you and your feelings of loss will be like the ones you read about from children who have lost their parents. You amy find it helpful to read some of their posts in the ‘losing a parent’ category. It is good that you have joined this online comminity and I hope you will find it helpful.

The circumstances of her death must make the grief even more difficult, because of what someone did to her. You must have so many questions. Have you and your uncle been offered any support. maybe from police liaison officers? I think it is important that you can talk with trusted people about what has happened and how you feel.

You may find it helpful to read this article on the Cruse website and make use of the support they offer:

xx Jo