Lost my baby girl at the age of 21
Im not coping feel really low
Its like a living nightmare
Ive let myself go


Dear @Paulined9

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. There are no words to describe the pain that goes with the loss.

Many of the members here have experienced the devastating loss of a child and will understand some of what you are going through. The following organisations may be of help and support to you at this time.

  • Child Bereavement UK support families with the loss of a child. They also support bereaved children. You can call their helpline on 0800 02 888 40.

  • The Compassionate Friends support families who have lost a child of any age. You can call them on 0345 123 2304

Sue Ryder also has some resources which can help you cope with your grief.

I hope the above will be of help to you.

Take care.

Peppers xx

Hi there, we are all like you, struggling with the grief we feel. My GP is so supportive and has prescribed antidepressants, which I was against as I thought they would make me dopey, and they have helped. She also looked into counselling and therapy available in my area which I will make full use of after new year. It is a living nightmare, unfortunately loving our child so much means grief is as strong. I have no answers, I’m just winging it at the moment.

@Paulined9 im so sorry for your loss. There are no answers to this grief. I’m 3 years in now since losing my son.
The only advice I can give is, take it hour by hour, day by day and so on.
I have also kept a journal, it’s a way of getting thoughts out of your head rather than speak them, it has really helped me. I’ve tried counselling, Cruse really helped me for a while.
Take care of yourself x