After an abusive marriage and divorce I met a wonderful man who showed me how to be me again - loved me inside and out. He made me so happy and we were planning the rest of our life’s together. We were healing each other from the past. We clicked the moment we met.
One morning at end of February I woke up to find him unresponsive. I gave him cpr whilst on the phone with the ambulance and they tried for a further 30 minutes. They said heart attack in his sleep. He was only 50 and we had only been together year and a half but I knew he was my forever.
It was his birthday on Sunday - I lit a candle by the photo I have by the bed chatted to him played a couple of our songs we loved and cried and cried. I miss him so much. I feel so empty.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how devastated you’re feeling. I too lost my husband at the end of February. Your partner was so young, its really sad. My husband was a lot older but the pain and heartbreak are still there. The emptiness is quite normal. I think, so many on here mention it.
Please know you will get understanding and support on here. We are all on the same awful journey that is grief.

Sending you big hugs


Thank you
Sorry for your loss also x

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