Sanity where does it go?

How many weeks is it that one drags oneself through before one begins to function after losing your life partner? Because i would like to know. So many people seem to think losing your life is like losing a parent but it isn’t it’s ten times worse.


Hello Prue

All I can say is that everyone is different. Some recover quickly and others never do.

Whether this is because some people have something meaningful to live for, children, grandchildren, careers, ambitions and others don’t have anything I don’t know.

Losing my lifelong partner is a living hell for me. 13 months later I struggle through everyday.

You’re right it is nothing like losing your parents. In my case it was sudden and unexpected and I think I’m still in shock.

A friend who lost her husband 16 months ago has built a very busy new life but she has children, grandchildren,a religion and knew her husband was dying two years befire he did.

All I can say is take time to grieve , don’t be rushed into making decisions and talk about your loved one and your lives.

I wish i could help more. Take care Jx