Saw Robin for the first time

My mom passed away over a month ago and I have been struggling ever since. I am constantly feeling low but she does visit me in my dreams and night time is the only time I feel better. I wake up every day between 2-5 am and I feel she is around me at that time. Today morning I read an article about Robin and it said if you see a Robin that means your loved ones visit you. It will sound funny but I have never seen a Robin in my life and never knew how it looks like. So after reading the article I googled ‘Robin’ images to see how they look like.
I don’t go out. I’m mostly depressed and avoid going out but today I went out and a Robin came and sat on a bush in front of me and stayed there for 3-4 minutes.
This can’t be a coincidence. I read about it today morning and saw Robin in the evening. What are the chances of this happening. This means my mom visits me!! It gave me so much strength and positivity.
I really hope my mom is still around me and she can see me and touch me.


I to believe in the Robin theory. After Jim died a Robin came and sat near me chirping away he comes to visit me from time to time and I talk to him also I have a toy Robin hanging in my car so I like to think Jim’s with me always. Your mum is watching over you stay strong and we will all get though this. X


I also have no doubt that a Robin’s visit does mean that a loved one is near. I have allotments and when I am working a lone Robin will often come and sit very near and just watch me. I have recently been working on my husbands plot and each day the Robin appeared and watched me intently. As far as i’m concerned it is my husband who has come to make sure I am doing things right. I am now working on my own plot and the Robin has stopped his visits.


That’s definitely your husband visiting you. I believe in it a lot more now. This incident yesterday is a proof. Thanks for responding to me.
Hugs to you x

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That’s so nice to hear. If you it everyday then I think your husband is around you. Thanks for sharing your experience with me. It helps in the grieving process.

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Hi there
It certainly does and brings me comfort when these little things happen. Just after Christmas I was cleaning the polytunnel and this was my husbands ‘baby’ he was very fussy about its care. Again that lone Robin appeared and sat near me and just watched. I bet he was checking I was doing things to his liking. That’s what I like to believe anyway.
Take care