Saying goodbye

I lost Matt 4 week ago tomorrow I am going to see him at the funeral directors. I know it will be so hard but I need to do it to say goodbye and put a note in with him to say I miss him and love him so much . Everyday hurts but thanks to the support of this group I know I am not alone


Hi Ajth,I do feel for you so much ,It’s a time we all dread when we have to say Goodbye to our child for the last time, so many emotion’s involved going round and round you feel like your going insane…I remember when I saw Christian I was trebling so much I couldn’t walk, but when i eventually saw him all feelings subsided…he looked just as if he was asleep,so peaceful I honestly thought he would wake up at any moment…It was the week before Christmas so we put our Christmas cards and crackers in with him…four years ago and it is still very life like in my head .
I will be thinking of you, you will find the strength to cope Marina xxx

Thank you for your kind words . I know I have to see him but I’m so afraid

Do not be afraid he’s expecting you . It’s your beautiful son . Who you love and loves you . I was so afraid of seeing Laura. But I knew she was waiting for me . She lived in Isle of Man & because of Covid I couldn’t be there while she was dying. She was so peaceful & at rest. So will your boy be . Sending you strength & love . Maggie

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Today I went to see Matt in the funeral directors his skin was bruised and although the pain was unbearable it helped to hold his hand . I put a letter in with him and a prayer from a friend of ours . My eldest son came as well . I will always hold him I. My heart and I k ow we will be together again one day until then I will try to be the person he knew I could be .