My partner passed 13 weeks ago I miss him so much life just isn’t the same anymore I’m such a different person I hardly talk to people I don’t smile or laugh anymore and most of all I’m scared …

Scared of forgetting his voice his laugh his smile and most of all him it is such a big worry of mine i know I probably won’t but just what if ??

Hello LinseyMark
Please please don’t worry…you will never forget any of these things…as time goes on they actually seem to be easier to recall. I have been reading all the recent posts and any one of us who are struggling to start out on our second year of aloneness would tell you the same. Grief will be with all of us for ever, one can only hope that one day it will stop being the suffocating overcoat that smothers us but will somehow turn into a beautiful velvet cloak that we can wrap ourselves in gladly. Love and prayers to everyone on the journey. xxx

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Thankyou for your kind words its just how I feel
hope i never forget the good times