School holidays

So today the schools break up here in Scotland and normally I would be packing to get away to somewhere new either tonight or tomorrow.
But we are not going away as my husband isn’t here and we cant face it.
I’m struggling with my motivation at the moment and don t want to just mope around the house for the next 6 weeks. We have a couple of short trips part planned but I haven’t booked all of it - I find it’s just taking so much effort to get anything organised.
I really need to get going - this is so not like me at all.
Anyone have any tips on how to help ?

My 2 youngest are also struggling to do stuff so feel we are all feeding off each others apathy.
So sad as we all used to be so full of energy and enthusiasm.
It feels like it’s all gone with my husband.
Will it ever come back ???


Hi @roni52

It’s heartbreaking isn’t it!

Maybe look at it in another way…if you had gone what would you want your husband to do in this situation? Could you do it for him, it may help you and the kids get a little motivation back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: maybe ask a friend or relative to come with you for support.

I think your enthusiasm and zest for life will come back but it will take time. I asked on a site I joined on Facebook to share their positive stories as all I sempt to read was posts on heartbreak and suffering . Loads of people shared how they had progressed within their grief. It was great to see that we can have a life and things will get better. Xx


Thanks @Katyh

Yes I feel as if I have just got stuck in a slump of misery and nothing seems to help me at the moment.
But perhaps it’s me that needs to be helping me.
It’s just so hard and I am worried about my future - not my kids as I think they will all adapt and be ok eventually, but I worry that I will never find any peace and forever be sad. And lonely.
And I will if I let myself be that way.

So - onwards and upwards ( and probably lots of downs too) and less time scrolling and playing pointless games ( as I say to my kids) on my phone.

Off to do more ironing and am going to the gym tonight as well :flushed:

Hope you are getting by each day - sending some strength and positivity your way.
So many people do get through this - I’m sure us resourceful young (ish) women can get there too. Xx❤️



You’ve got this! Your right it is you that needs to help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The gym will do you good. Your not destined for a life of misery, none of us are. In time you’ll be able to smell the rose’s again, but it will be a bumpy road

Thank you, sending love back :two_hearts: x


Take it a day at a time. Its so hard in the beginning having any energy for anything ! Its grief … maybe do something on a good day ? xx


Thanks for the encouragement.
I dropped my daughter at her swimming - it’s the first time she’s been back since before her exams and then I went to the gym. I am seriously unfit but it felt good to be back in although a couple of times I could hear the radio music through my poscaat and the songs made me sad.
We both agreed we felt better for doing something but then my daughter was in tears as she was remembering her Dad and that he couldn’t swim anymore. He was the one who did most of the swimming runs etc. and coached as well.
It is just so hard for them it breaks my heart.
We are going to make a plan of nice things to do on holiday if we feel up to it, and if we don’t then we will sit, cry and eat cake.
And I’ll maybe have wine :wine_glass:
Sleep well tonight all. Xxx