I lost my son 3 weeks ago…I’m so lost…he was only 24 and took his own life…how do you work through such a loss??

Suzy B , what a terrible time for you. I don’t have children so can’t begin to imagine your pain.
If you look further down the conversations there is one " Lost my dad to suicide " this has some good advice about support for relatives who’ve lost a lived one in this way.
Wishing you well. Sadme

Dear SuzyB
I’m so very sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I’m afraid no one can really tell you how people work through such loss but somehow they do which continues to amaze me. I lost my beautiful daughter almost 5 months ago aged 20. She died suddenly whilst on a university trip abroad- it was natural causes but they have not been able to determine the exact cause. We now face an inquest. I am still in absolute bits, broken hearted and struggle each and every day to get through. If you had told me before this happened that I could have survived such a loss I would have said it was a lie. Each day is still a battle and I wish I could just give up and go to her but I continue to live much to my own surprise and disappointment!
I cannot tell you any real advice other than talk openly about how terrible you feel, not talking is the worst possible thing you can do. Sadly there are many parents who have suffered the crippling loss of a child and several on this site who are all kind and helpful. Also take it very slowly just get though the minutes, hours and the day - you don’t need to do more than this. I wish there was more I could offer you but sadly there isn’t anything that I can say or do which will really help you other than I know how you are feeling and my heart breaks for you having to face this horrific world of loss.
Sending you love and support xxx

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Dear Suzyb
I’m so sorry you’re suffering the loss of Scott. I lost my son Henry 18 weeks ago. He was 30. It looks as though it was an accidental overdose, Henry had mental health issues and took recreational drugs which interfered with his prescribed medication. I’m waiting for the inquest.
Please contact SOBS (survivors of bereavement by suicide) for support. My family have also lost a young man to suicide- he took his own life in January - another terrible loss to bear. I like to think Henry and his cousin Oliver are walking in heaven together.
Take each hour at a time. My thoughts and love are sent to you.

Dear Suzy
I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss.
It is 99 days since I lost my beautiful boy in the same way, he was just 14. His leaving us was sudden and unpredicted and we will never recover from the devastation and heartbreak. I hope that one day we will learn to cope and live with his loss but I suspect that is many years away. I genuinely think that it is impossible to work through or understand a loss of this kind - it is simply too much to comprehend. My brain never stops trying to understand why such a popular, engaging, talented and loved young man would suddenly do this. I constantly wonder what I missed, what I didn’t do, what I should have done - the list endless.
Unfortunately, I can’t offer words of hope but I can tell you that I understand and that you are not alone. xx

Dear Suzyb
I am so sorry for your loss. Your pain must be so unbearable. I have found myself on this site sadly as I have too lost my precious son suddenly, he was only 22, nearly 23. He went to bed & in the morning I found him, he had passed away approx 3 hours before the paramedics say. I am utterly broken & still cannot believe it or find any peace. I lost my mum to suicide when I was 5 & my gran (her mum) to suicide when I was 6. I sadly know all to well what a lifetime of grief feels like. I learned to live without them, I had no choice. I just don’t know how to carry on this life without my precious son. It’s only been 3 months, the pain & suffering is unbearable, I miss him so much. My life has changed beyond repair.
Sending love and strength to you & everyone :heart: x