Oh Barb I am so very sorry and sad for you.
I understand your dispare totally, life without our darling husbands just hurts so much,
You are obviously a night owl like me, sleep doesn’t come easy now does it.
Some nights I can’t go to bed at all, I get flashbacks and panics.
I wish I had some words of comfort for you and could give you a hug
Take care
Christine xx

R. I. P Alan, I guess not everyone makes it through the darkness x
Any mod reading this… You can close the thread Alan took his life :pensive:

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Oh my goodness poor Alan, just too much pain for him so very very sad

Hi Alan
I’m so sorry for your loss, it is at the same time unbearably painful and numbing, I swing from one to the other.
I met my husband in primary school and we first dated at 14 then again at 17 and were together for 31 short years, I lost him last month, no illness, just gone sudden in the early hours of the morning. I feel lost bobbing in a giant ocean and the only thing that keeps me going is my children. I live one day at a time, and that is enough for me. This forum has been a lifeline though , hearing that those wild thoughts and feelings are not mine alone.
Sending love x

So terribly terribly sad. Nobody should experience such pain. May he find comfort with his family members and wife.

Lost for words really as no words appear to be enough. :broken_heart:

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So awful :cry: terribly sorry to hear the sad news.

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That sounds so similar to me. We went to primary school together, dated properly from the age of 16. Together for 34 years. He went out for a run, collapsed and died before I could get to him. No warning. My happy life changed to an existence. Sending hugs


So sorry :cry::cry::cry:

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Oh no - I hadn’t realised. He was coping with so much. It’s so cruel.

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I guess that’s all any of us can hope for that some day when we go we find peace with the people we lost. Hugs to you all x

Jules, I’m so sorry, it’s a pain so all in compassing :heart:

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Rip Alan, may you be with your beautiful family again, god bless xx

So sad to read about this, R.I.P Alan :broken_heart: x

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to reach out to you all following @Lostinlimbo’s post on Friday evening and the upsetting news about Alan. I’d also like to thank you for your concern and the ways you have responded since.

We know that many connections are formed across the community - we appreciate news like this can be both upsetting and unsettling. For those who are feeling the impact of this news, please do consider reaching out and talking about how you are feeling. I know some of you may have already tried to access support from the following services - if you haven’t tried and feel it would be helpful, I’d encourage you to try making contact with them.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide offer a range of support services for adults over 18, including useful resources, email support and a helpline.
Support After Suicide Partnership brings together suicide bereavement organisations and people with lived experience, to offer timely and appropriate support for those who are bereaved or affected by suicide.
Samaritans are available 24/7 to talk about anything that you are worried about in confidence - you can call them on 116 123.
Shout are also contactable 24/7 but this time by text - all you need to do is text SHOUT to 85258.

This thread will remain closed but if any of you have any further concerns or questions, please do contact the Online Community team on:

Do take care - keep reaching out,

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