Searching to find me again.

Over the past few years I have lost myself, and as hard as I look I cant find me, the old me that was bubbling with fun and laughter, the me that was confident and full of life.

I have become a poor substitute of the guy I used to be, I have become scared and nervous of everything ,afraid to go out and afraid of staying in, and of being nervous in company, scared of saying the wrong thing and have become almost voiceless .

This morning I ventured out to a new group I saw advertised locally, I went in and just wanted to retrace my steps and run away, but a little voice said ‘hang on in there’ which i did, and i did meet some very nice people, and i did chat to a number of people and i will go again.

After many years caring for my partner, and never going out very far, I lost myself in the process and finding myself again is a search beyond anything I’ve ever encountered.

If I can find a semblance of my old self, I will be grateful.


Well done you !

It seems to be a common theme of losing our confidence & indeed the person we were prior to bereavement , before my husband died I didn’t know it could happen, I knew I’d be heartbroken but didn’t realise the other things that can accompany it.

I like you have forced myself out there again, it’s difficult and easier to stay at home but the only person who is going to help us is ourselves.

Again well done !


Rhody well done for staying put.i,m starting to get out and about since loosing my gorgeous beautiful wife sue on the 1st February this year due to cancer.taken me a bit to get my confidence back