Second Life website.

I have been very fortunate to have friends on the Second Life virtual world website.
I have spent most evenings in second life to distract me from the empty space on the sofa next to me. Its free and there are a lot of nice people there. Feel free to leave me a message on there. My SL name is Carl Blue. A good starting point is The New Citizen Inc Group.

Hi there Carl blue.i am going through sheer agonising torture since I lost my darling daughter in October.can you help me.annette.

Hello Annette
I sent a couple of private messages to you. I truly hope you are ok and that you are feeling just a bit better since this post. If you are in immediate and urgent distress please call someone, a friend or the Samaritans or medical help. If you are a bit better I hope you get a bit of sleep tonight. Please take care.

Hello Kevin
Sincere condolences on your very sad loss. I truly empathise with you. Sometimes things don’t feel real very early on and then the panic and fear set in and things feel really scary. Thats on top of the pain of losing your loved one as well. I hope you got through tonight as ok as you can possibly be. Take care -. Tina

Hi Annette, I wish I knew how to help you with your pain. I am living with the loss of my wife and I told about Second Life as it’s helping me cope as I have friends there. It’s mostly distracting my attention in the quiet times as it’s more interactive than watching the TV that I have little interest in now.
Second Life is a place people can meet and chat (I only type there). I will set up a group there tomorrow evening and will post it’s name on here so anyone can join if they want to.
Please be aware that as with anything online, people may not be who they say that are and you should not give out personal information.

Hi kevin sorry for your loss .Am i correct in thinking that second life is a computer game ?

Second Life is a virtual online world.
It’s not a game as such. It’s more a like a chat room where you can move your avatar around. It helps me as I have friends there.
It is not moderated as is the chat here. As with the real world there are good and bad people there.