Second loss

I haven’t posted for a while but now my sister who was my rock when my husband died 7 months ago died yesterday, she had been battling cancer fo12 months but was still there for me helping and being my shoulder to cry on, a week ago she went into a hospice and on Friday we were told she had only weeks left but sadly she left us at 3am yesterday, I feel thrown back to the day my husband died all that hurt has resurfaced. I so wanted to help my sister the way she helped me, now I won’t have the chance, my heart feels totally broken again, she helped me see things in more positive ways, now all I feel is desperation and that light is becoming evermore distant

Oh my goodness dear Jan, I am so so sorry. Keep thinking about and remembering those positive ways your sister helped you to see. Try to be there for your sister’s family in the way she was for you. She sounds a courageous lady, caring and supporting you whilst battling her own illness. A very special person and she was your sister. You are so fortunate to have had such a wonderful sister. Treasure the memories, cherish the love. My heart goes out to you with so much love. Xx

Thank you kate for your kind words, my sister was very special, my husband used to joke about the way we were always on the phone to each other, after he died she was there for myself and my children and nothing was to much trouble for her, I hope I can repay her by being there for her family, as I know only to well the pain they are going through and will continue to go through.
Take care Jan