Seeing a medium

Has anybody been to see a medium & had a good experience. It’s something I’m wanting to do but not sure how to go about it as I want to see someone genuine & I know there are a lot of fakes out there.

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Dear @Net65

If you type in the search bar the topic Medium you may be able to connect with members who have asked the same question and see the responses.

It is a question sorry I cannot answer myself. I do hope you get some answers.

Take care.


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Hi Net65,
My wife passed on April 29th and I saw a medium about three weeks later.
Never been to one before, I didn’t know what to expect.
I realise now it was too early for me as I broke down within five minutes, I was just looking for any clue that Carole is safe somewhere, which would be all I needed to find peace.
There were some things which struck a chord but the strangest was on the way out. I always called my wife “my Angel” and played "Angel of the Morning at her funeral. The medium passed me a book called “Simply Angels” and said to read this. Probably nothing but it seemed such a random book to give me, she had hundreds of books there. I have only begun looking at spirituality since her passing and personally don’t think it does any harm and who really knows what happens afterlife. I chose her because there had been a lot of positive comments online, I believe she is genuine in the fact that she believes but as to anything else I don’t know. Good luck with your journey. xx


Hi Joeb40
Thanks for replying & I’m so sorry for your loss It’s 11 weeks today since I lost Phil & like you it is just tearing me apart not knowing if he is somewhere safe. I can’t think of him as just gone because my mind & my heart can’t accept that. I think I probably will end up going to see a medium but just wanted to hear what other people had experienced first.
Take care
Net xx


I was the same, couldn’t bear the thought of her just gone and unfortunately I am not really religeous which might have helped.
Safe journey Net x

I was always sceptical of mediums but a few months after my partner died I went on a organised nature walk for wellbeing it concluded with a Rieki session everyone sat in a circle touching hands after drinking sage tea. I thought to myself my partner would think I’d lost the plot but I found peace in it at that time. At the end of the session I was walking away when a lady took me to one side and said I hope you don’t mind but I’m a medium and I have never in many years had such a strong presence as I’ve just had your husband was right beside you. He is with E (Edna was his sister) and he sits beside you on the bed every morning (I was having dizzy spells and sat on the bed until they passed) The phone is right at the back of your drawer you need to have a woman look (I had mislaid his phone and that is the phrase I always used when he didn’t look for something properly) I have visited a couple of times since and has always sent me messages that no one else would know


That is amazing Mavis., I am so happy you have found some kind of solace. I am going to try another Medium as I am still struggling with things and am exploring all avenues really.
Sending love

That is so lovely Mavis & must have been a real comfort to you. I’ve not been to see a medium yet but I will do at some point. It gives me hope reading your experiences.
Net xx