seen GP


Just to let you know that I have been to see my GP today and my GP has given me some sleeping tablets . So lets hope the sleeping tablets help.
I go back in a months time xxxx


Hope you’re able to get some rest @Queenie2 :heart:

I have been sitting on the settee listening to some music .
I think the music helps a little bit though xxxxx

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Hope it works for you! :heart:

Me to and thanks xxx

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I’m just trying to get the nerve to contact my GP, I 've been having trouble sleeping since my mum died 4 weeks ago. I think you have given me the courage to do it. Hope you get some sleep soon xx

Hi Victoria22

Good luck and I hope you see your GP soon.
Let me know how you get on please.
Sorry for your loss.


I’ve just done an online consultation for my GP to phone me back, feeling a bit nervous about it. Top it all one of my cats has an eye infection so have a vets appointment tomorrow - it’s easier to book a vet than a doctor. Hope your appointment went well xx

Well done for booking an online Consultation with your GP.
You bound to be nervous . I would be to.
Sorry to hear that your cat has an eye infection
Good luck with your GP please let us know how it goes xxxxxxxx

GP just phoned to speak to me and prescribed sleeping pills, didn’t want to see me. Thanks xx

Thanks for letting us know and well done
At least you have got some sleeping tablets to help you sleep.
I took a sleeping tablet last night and I had a good night sleep
You are very welcome xxxx

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