Self isolated

When I hear of these so called celebrities on the news whining on on about self isolation in their muti million mansions how do they think people like us who have lost their wives,husband's, partners go onus that have no family or friends.

I lost my wife Jane 18 months ago and every day since as been like isolation some days never talking to anyone even when taking little dog out,I am 70 was married 43 years a team together, during a recent spell of I’ll health I find the will to do anything was something I’d never felt before without her what was the point now a little better find I cannot visit her village churchyard the village 20 miles from here to not be able to travel to tidy up around her headstone and put fresh flowers on that is my self isolation to not be able now to do things about the house because of I’ll health not the virus I may add that is isolation,so all those people getting bored think about us people left on their own how ever long isolation we didn’t want.
Sorry for going on its how I feel this morning,self isolation from loved one far greater than present situation.
Kind regards MM69

I hear what you’re saying MM and I get it. I’m sorry you’ve been unwell. It’s good to hear from you though; it’s been a while. I haven’t been to my husband’s graveside either so goodness knows what it looks like. I do like to keep it looking nice with fresh flowers and greenery. I’m sure our loved ones will understand. Try to keep busy MM, have a potter in the garden, walk your little dog. I’m sure your dog is good company. Take care. xx

Thanks Kate it’s times of ill health when there’s always been someone beside you and that special person is no longer there yes my little dog Jenny always there ready to listen never leaving my side my friend and my little buddy.
Again regards MM69