Selling our home

Lost my partner 2 months ago to cancer. For various reasons I need to sell our house. Its too big, I can’t afford it on my own, some debt and I don’t want to live there now anyway. I’m currently wadding through reams of forms for solicitors , the freeholders ,land registry etc. My heads spinning. If Jo were here she’d be doing all this or we would be doing it together. My computer skills are minimal . Because of covid I can’t just go and see people ,as you would do under normal circumstances, like my solicitor because their offices are closed. They all want paperwork emailed to them because they’re all working from home. I can send emails but when it comes to emailling documents I haven’t got a clue. Of course I understand why the restrictions are necessary but its all just a nightmare for me and I really question if I’ll ever get through all this and while I’m battling with all this she’s permanently on my mind so I struggle to think straight anyway. I’ve got great friends and family that help but they’re got their own lives and problems and I feel guilty everytime I ask for their help. I’m so fed up with everything.

Hi Peter, I’m really sorry about the death of your wife, the paperwork afterwards is a nightmare, I’m sure your friends are only too happy to help, in my experience friends try to offer help but are often reluctant to push them selves forward in case it makes everything worse, so my advice is ask for help, with love Jude x

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I can empathise with your frustration and anxiety, especially during lockdown. There’s too much paperwork to have to do when we’re grieving and our brains are like wading through treacle, without dealing with a house sale. I found one of the banks the worst. Photographing paperwork and uploading it to the internet, only to be emailed 2 weeks later and asked for it again. It drove me mad and went on for weeks. I’ve no advice…except once you start getting wound up too much, leave it and start again the next day and if that doesn’t work ask friends anyway…and try not to launch the computer out of the window. Good luck, Clare

Thank all you for you’re replies and Clare I have come close a few times to launching the laptop out the window.

I can empathise with you Peter. We recently completed on my mum’s house and all of the stuff via the solicitor was via email which I found incredibly frustrating.

As others have said take your time and ask for help from family and friends. I am fortunate in that my next door neighbour is a legal secretary and was very helpful. Also it coming up to Christmas won’t be helping.

Be kind to and gentle with yourself.

…I broke my last laptop from thumping the track pad a few hundred times, as the cursor just did it’s own thing :slight_smile: I hope today’s a bit calmer with the computer