Selling the house

My mam’s house has just gone on the market about 9 weeks since she passed. I’ve downloaded the photos to keep, but I still can’t bare the thought of actually going in and disturbing it or taking things out. Has anyone else had this problem? It’s like I’ve been traumatised all over again

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Im about to be starting the process soon and im completely terrified by the prospect of having to pack up the house. It will feel like im dismantling the memories of mum bit by bit. :sleepy: Im still staying in the house 6 days a week and its the one place i feel safe and secure. Its the closest i can get to a hug from mum, because the house just surrounds you from all sides if that makes sense?

I take it theres no option for you to buy the house, would that not be practical for you?


I wish, I live alone so couldn’t afford it. Its the house I grew up in from the age of 7
So many memories, it feels like torture, I’ll never get over it