Selling to Property Company

Has anyone had had dealings with selling property to a property company please. I have my sons flat on the market and the property market is poor and I just want to close this part in my life, no matter how painful it is. All this going on gave me a panic attack last night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I imagine you just want to get it all done and dusted as soon as you can .
My son didn’t have any assets to speak of . Just a bit of money in his bank which we will give his sister .
Hopefully someone will be able to give you some advice on here .

Well I have gone and done it put my sons house with a property buying company, just hope it goes to plan. Spent 3 hours this morning filling in paperwork, this afternoon meltdown, put myself in the shower for a long time to re group as I was so upset. I did that in the early days, would spend so long in the shower, my escape room. One of my good friends rang me which was nice, back on track…for how long who knows.

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It’s just another stab to your already broken heart isn’t it .

It’s perfectly ok to have meltdowns . In fact I think we need to .

As painful as it is this is our grief and it’s hard work .


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Well trying to sell to a Property Buying Company hasn’t worked out, back to trying to sell through the Estate Agent. More stress which I don’t need.

Oh dear . I am sorry .
I hope it all doesn’t drag on too long for you

Me too, but looking on a positive note a lot worst things have happened so will just sit back and let the Estate Agent do the work I’m paying them to do. It’s frustrating but not worth losing sleep over. Thank you x