Selling up

We are selling our mums house at the moment, she was there 48 years. There was an offer put in today and it has knocked me back a bit, I feel so sad.
I know she isn’t there and I have my memories and it needs to go but it’s hard.


Hi @Steph73
I know what you mean, it feels like saying goodbye all over again, so many memories, & it’s no doubt a place where you feel connected to her. Sending big hugs of support. We carry our loved ones in our hearts wherever we go, no-one can take them from us.


I still live in the house I shared with mum although I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford to stay here after inheritance tax, etc. Not sure what I’ll do, I don’t really want the stress of moving on top of everything else.


Thank you, I have lots of memories and plenty of trinkets and even plants from the garden to remember her. Just a bit shocked how I felt

I hope everything works out for you, sending good thoughts x

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Hi Steph73.
My mum passed away in Dec 2022 and she had lived in her house for 55 yrs. I too had to sell it and it was so heartbreaking that I kept it for 15mths. In fact i only sold it a month ago. Nothing prepares you for it.
I started taking things away from there slowly and just did a cupboard or wardrobe each time . It was extremely painful. Probably the worst thing I have ever done. I had no help from my brother or sister as they lived too far away.
On the first day it went on sale I had 3 offers and one was the asking price. I had always hoped i wouldnt have had the asking price so i could refuse any offers but having been offered the full asking price I had to accept it. I took a day to think about it only to receive a higher offer within hours so it all happened very fast and it hit me for six.
As time went on and i dealt with surveyors and estate agents going into teh house at times it felt very overwhelming . I emptied upstairs first so i could go into teh house and at least feel it was teh same downstairs. But then when the downstairs had to be done it was the worst feeling ever.
However its now a month on and the hose has been sold and everything sorted and i never thought i would say it but i feel relief. I was always worried about teh house being empty and would anyone break in. It has helped me in a way i never thought it would.
I took loads of cuttings and pots and shrubs from her garden and again i have a lot of comfort from that.
I truly understand how you are feeling.
Sending love
Deborah x


Thank you for your reply, I know it will get better. Just a bit of a shock. I have moved so many things from her garden I now have Molly’s corner :wink:


wow so so pretty
Well done bec it looks so beautiful

It must be incredibly difficult. A place so familiar to you and your family. We too are selling our long term family home after my mum passed away suddenly last year, it is so very hard. We haven’t had an offer yet but each time the estate agent calls me my heart sinks. I know it has to be done but it is heartbreaking and I feel so very guilty. I hope it all goes as smoothly as it can for you. Take care.

Thank you, you too x