Sensitivity to people and criticism

Hi I lost my beautiful mum in January and it tore my entire world apart. She was the only family I had, now I feel so alone we was so close and it’s left a huge hole in my life. Has anyone experienced extreme sensitivity to things people say and easily taken them the wrong way or got angry with them?

Hi yes I feel the same, even now 4 months after losing my husband, I sometimes feel hatred towards people because they say the wrong things, like they just don’t get it. You think how can you say things like that . Like some people talking about holidays with their partners and all their plans, and I think if the tables were turned surely I wouldn’t be like that. But then they will never know how it feels until it happens to them .
I definitely feel we change so much after loss, it’s good to come on here as we all feel the same and we can say what we feel .
So sorry for your loss of your mum.
Steph x

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Without a doubt I’ve struggled with people’s comments. I even totally fell out with a friend I’ve known for 40 years.
I’ve kept myself to myself that way I haven’t got to deal with people too much.

I think that’s the best way, not having to deal with people too much .

Hi Steph and thank you so much for your message, I sometimes feel as if I’m going mad! It’s nice to know I can always turn to this site to hear from people that understand and are going through similar feelings.

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Yes I’m like this too, I have a friend I’ve known for a little over 20 years and he said something I considered to be a little insensitive I haven’t really spoke to him since. I just feel as though I have no time for people lately.

Don’t worry, you’re not going mad, we all feel like that. This site is a lifesaver, it helps so many of us to express our feelings.

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Thank you. It’s nice to have the comfort and reassurance of this site to know what I’m feeling is normal.