Set back after set back

There are days when you get up and you just get on with the day with no worries, concerns, upsets or anything and you start to think to yourself “ I’ve got this” then there are those days when everything just hits like a thunder bolt . Yesterday was one of those days for me I was playing motown and wham every song reminded me of him even the songs I know he didn’t like just got me . I was doing my diamond art at the time with the music in the background but I had to give up because I was welling up that much I couldn’t see the letters on the canvas . On those days I don’t do anything because whatever I do just floods me with memories although they are happy memories they are just a constant reminder he’s no longer by my side .


I’m sorry yesterday was tough, @Kazzer. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been heard :blue_heart:

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@Kazzer, it’s really hard & I understand what you write. This grieving thing has a way of catching you out when you least expect it. Keeping busy is a good distraction but there’s always those reminders of the huge loss we have experienced.


Had one of those days yesterday Aswell .Woke up after a nightmare rest of the day was full of tears .Sunday was the day always went to our local Rock n Roll afternoon.Not been since my partner passed.Hope you’ve had a better day Kazzer