Share your Partners story

As I read through the topics here I grasp parts of other peoples story , I realise I am not the only one, I would love to keep my husbands memory alive sharing “our “‘story and would like to hear others ,
I met Nick in 2000 while I was still married to an alcoholic wife beater ! Nick was a job coach for adults with learning disabilities and he would pick them up from near where I worked , for a year he was just the man at the bus stop I would say “hello “‘to , then one day I found my self confiding in him , and it went from there ! We were forced to live apart in the early days as he had his mother living with him as she had dementia he was such a caring man, he taught me how to enjoy gardening as my ex husband would never allow me to get “involved “‘with the garden , he was a “bugger” with clothes and watches he loved designer labels ! He was worse than a woman with clothes , and Trainers OMG he would always say just this pair and I am done , we waited so long for each other , having an engagement that lasted two decades , September 2022 we didn’t tell anyone but eloped to Gretna Green and got married at the blacksmiths , I had two big previous church weddings this was different as it “felt “different , we both cried and said “what the F**k we crying for we are both happy , on the 13th April 2024 Nick brought me in a cup of tea and said the words he always did “tea made with love “ he then threw his tea up and had a heart attack at my feet , I had two days of hope in ICU then on the 15/4/24 had to watch his life support being turned off , his heart was just too damaged , and now mine is shattered into a thousand pieces x

Are you going to add these stories to a book ?

Nope ! I have wrote one book and that’s my story , I am no writer , a friend help me publish it just because it helped me , I dedicated the book to my “one and only “‘I certainly couldn’t do it again , but other people could do their own story’s if they wanted to it helped me ? But no sorry I could never write again x

i met davy 48 years ago at the dancing in Glasgow went out with him three weeks and he proposed straight away and we had just been Married 47 years with three kids Davy had lots of different cancers skin cancer prostate cancer lung cancer heart attack open heart surgery then again lung cancer but his body just couldnt take any more davy was one of the good guys who never said anything bad about anybody he just loved everyone missing him is so hard as its only been six weeks but i guess we just keep plodding on in the hope that we will get their


aww why do they take the good ones ? 12 weeks for me and I am still searching for “why”?