She has lost her husband

“She’s lost her husband” I was referred to today when I went out alone.
First time heard that put like that before. Can’t say I liked that to be honest. Would you?
Did I want that? No. Thought oh they are bring warned not to put their foot in it but felt well the foot was already in it by saying it. But I suppose getting immune to such comments.
Then comes how long ago was it? Do I want to go on about it? No. When am I going to be just myself? Not other half of him who is gone? Will it be just get used to it.
Then get “Do you make friends with neighbours?” Answer ‘when we all mow the grass’.


I’m so sorry poppet. EVERYTHING we do is just so bloody hard.
And people make crass and insensitive comments all the time.
I’m 19 months in now, and it still happens. On one occasion a really big idiot referred to my husband as my ex!!!
I honestly have no idea how I didn’t punch him. I just told him in no uncertain terms, He’s not my ex. He’s dead. He’s still my husband and always will be. I think I suitably embarrassed him. But I was a quivering wreck inside .

Love hugs and strength to you my darlin’


…it will happen to them all at some point…then, they will know…but until then…they can’t…nothing we can do but grin and bare it :flushed:


Yeh its not nice been spoken about as if youre not bloody there is it !!! And why do people fo that ? We will tell people in our own time it doesnt need to be announced !!! Grrrhhh xxxx


Yeah that is secret listen and speak less. I like just “hello”. Then relax.

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Definatel people have a problem with listening dont they … they only hear what they want to hear xx

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Exactly that is very true some people do that as well