I lost my partner of 40 years nov 19 it is so hard to cope without him some days are a blur i do not do much with my time

Hi Sheila, I am so sorry you lost your partner last year. You write in your profile that you had some mental health problems, how are they now? Are you still under the supervision of your GP? Please feel free to write about your feelings here, there are lots of people who have lost their partners and will be happy to talk to you.

Thank you i was over medicating and layed in bed for 5 days i am better now i think losing my partner hit me hard then we had lockdown which has been hard for everyone i am trying to build my life up but dont know which way to turnp

Well I am glad that you’re not over-medicating now, yes, there are many people here who have lost their spouse and are unsure on how to build their life up, hopefully you’ll be able to get some ideas off them on how they are coping.

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