i am trying to get some bereavement counselling and every thing i try i can not get any my doctor said i do need some to help me

Hi Sheila
Sorry you can’t get counselling. You will have to go on a waiting list but it usually doesn’t take too long. I presume you have tried Cruse. If you have a local hospice they also have grief counselling, again probably a waiting time. This Sue Ryder site also has counselling which I believe has proved very beneficial to other members. Get in touch with the admin. I thought a GP could also recommend a counselling service. Perhaps it’s all become a bit slow at the moment but in time I’m sure you will find help.
Good luck

Hi. Shiela. Welcome. Sue Ryder do bereavement counselling and it’s free. Ask admin for some advice on this. If you can go for private counselling make sure its a counsellor trained in bereavement counselling. It’s a very specialised form of counselling.
If you feel up to it come back and talk to us. All understanding friends on here and no matter what your circumstances we all know how you feel and understand only too well.
It often takes courage to come on a website like this, one none of us wants to be on. But it has been a Godsend to me and many others. Hope to see you again soon. Take care. John.

Hi Sheila
Sorry, I forgot to say what John has so rightly said you can always share with the people on this site while you wait for one to one counselling. We all understand, we are all going through grief. It has helped so many of us to off load our worries. Don’t be afraid the understanding you will receive is second to non and I hope that we can help you.

Thank you for your message it meant a lot that somebody read my message

I dont have a lot to add because john and Pattidot have given some great advice. i just want to say sorry for your loss and if you live in Scotland then you can always try Breathing space. It isn’t bereavement couselling per se its just kind of a stop gap in that there is someone on the end of the phone willing to listen and offer some consolation in your grief. It might help while you are on a waiting list if you have nothing else and really need to talk to someone. Also it depends what the person you lost died of and whether or not you were a carer to them. The reason I say that is some charities that deal with certain diseases offer their own counselling services to bereaved relatives. For instance Macmillian nurses can give advice over the phone if your relative died of cancer. Ditto local carer services. The unfortunate thing is because of COVID some of these services are temporarily suspended. Another thing is that some of the funeral companies also offer bereavement counselling included in the package of course this may only be the co-op so if you used their services then they may be able to help you. Take care.