Hi I just loss my husband 4days ago to heart attack first one survived 15mths earlier he was my everything he was 51 I have to cope with his funeral tomorrow don’t know how I am numb with pain just want to be with him.


Hi Max … it’s not easy and so many sad and shocking stories on here. It can be hard hearing when we are all so.lost but it.does hear others journey through this x.sending my, I very very sorry x

Hello @Maxkinahan1 there should be a word stronger than “shock” as that doesn’t quite cover it does it.

On the day my husband had a heart attack I just kept saying out loud “this is the worst thing that could happen and it happened” over and over as I couldn’t believe it.

I had three weeks between that and the funeral and I found it very hard and still felt rushed. Telling people is awful and I hardly told anyone in the first days, it must have been a lot for you in this timescale. It’s all enormously shocking. In some ways I still don’t really believe it now.

Will someone travel with you you the funeral and can you have people there? Thinking of you.

More like trauma from this end x x do not underestimate the level of trauma x all our cases are different x i felt like i was in a slow carcrash the week he died and there was nothing i could do yo stop it x vile x I can not begin to imagine how when more sudden fleur x the whole thing is crap x x there is no other way to describe x all the love x x


Shock , trauma , total devastation . Felt like someone had actually ripped my heart out when I came downstairs and found my beloved husband unresponsive were he sat on the couch. It was too late to perform CRP on him as I knew he was already gone. Contacting my son to ask what I should do . It was the worst experience I could imagine . I’m so thankfully for all the help from people on this site as without it I don’t think I would still be here .
Love to you all xx


Thinking of you and know how hard this is. X

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