Hi all

I am here to vent.
My mum passed in February it is actually 10 months today. So hard to believe it! The time has gone so quick but I feel like I have not seen my mum forever!
Today I went to a Christmas meal and I cannot believe a so called friends actions. This supposed friend came in after me, whereas she would have normally sat next to me, she did not even come in and say hello, hug or kiss neither my husband or I. The night before last she sent me a text at 1.30 in the morning, did not say hi how are you doing, but just told me she had visited a friend of ours and had a lovely evening! I think she has done me a favour, in showing her true colours! I have spoken to her previously how I felt she has not been very supportive this has really cemented those feelings!

Thank you for reading my rant!


@Shelly2 It takes a bereavement or life changing event for someone to show what or who they really are. When my brother was diagnosed with CML many years ago, my then best friend was indifferent to my situation. I knew then that it wasn’t a friendship I wanted to continue but it did limp on for a while. Finally decided to call time on it & I’ve not regretted my decision. I’m chuffed to say that these days I’m surrounded by people that are supportive & we’ve got eachother’s backs. Life’s too short to hang with the fair weather crew. X

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Thank you for your response.

You are so right. It is so hurtful, how some so called friends behave. It was also the 10 month anniversary of my mum passing and I was not feeling that great anyway. I am so sorry to hear about the actions of your friend too, at a time when you most needed her. I am considering calling time on this friendship too.
I got a text from her last night saying we have been friends for many years and she wanted to know why I had not waited for her to go into the restaurant! I was so angry last night to read, how she had put her wants over someone who is grieving, and having to move home all at the same time! On a couple of occasions I had sent texts at times when I have been in such a bad way. To receive a message 6 hours later saying I really feel for you!!! All my other friends have been there continually supporting me.

Thank you for your words of wisdom, definitely helps me to clarify things.

Take care of yourself x

I’ve had exactly the same with my so called best friend….no longer best friend. I didn’t realise until I lost my son to to a drugs related incident how draining and negative she was on me. My son’s inquest was September and she has never asked me how I feel or what the outcome was. I have realised she is a hypochondriac, only thinks of herself, listens to village gossip or creates it….in a few words she is a selfish bitch and no longer have a friendship with her.

I am so sorry to hear of your tragic loss. As hard as it can be sometimes I think it is best to release this kind of people from our lives! It definitely seems that they do not have a thought for anyone else other than themselves!

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@Shelly2 Sorry you’re now navigating life without your mum & almost the yearly milestone when ppl think you should be over it by now, perhaps your friend falls into that category of thought…I’ve learned, if it’s one sided, it’s not a friendship. They’re only sorry you’ve found that out. @MJG is right, if it’s always about them, cut the ties. I’m glad I could help. I would ask her tho, why she’s behaved in that way first. Take care of yourself too, have a lovely weekend. X


Thank you so much xx