Should be going on holiday

Thanks - hadn’t thought of that - I’ll leeok into it

Hi dave im so so sorry for your horrendous loss and you too Jay you can also have some ashes put in ring or some type of jewellery just an idea to keep our loved ones close I used Ever With .co. uk in my thoughts and prayers take care of yourselves stay safe :broken_heart:

Hi everyone. I had a bad day today too. Don’t know if it’s because of the dull weather or because I just can’t accept my life being so empty. I always thought of
Having some of Rons ashes in a ring but I feel content wearing his wedding ring next to mine. Jay can you tell me what the rose is like that you mentioned for Alisons ashes and where is it available? I am going to a car boot tomorrow which me and Ron used to visit nearly every Sunday. I am really dreading going because Ron will not be there. I really feel all your pain. I just want to learn to live again but I can’t…

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Hi hun im so so sorry for your loss it’s utterly heartbreaking I had my Edwards ashes put in a beautiful ring or you can have a pendant look on Ever With. Co.UK I had the most professional service ever again im so so sorry for your loss Adele x :broken_heart:

Good advice Pat. It’s all about baby steps . All day everyday no matter what im doing I think what Gary would do or what Gary would say, or he likes this or doesnt like that . It’s all the time . Its very upsetting but at the same time all I want to talk eat ,sleep, morning noon and night is my incredibly loved Gary . WE ALL DO . Xx💔

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Thank you Jay for the information about the forever roses. Can you tell me if you had Alisons Ashes in the rose as I can’t see any option on how to do this
Thank you and hope you are having
A good day. I

went to the car boot yesterday but I was rembering Ron coming with me. I kept looking for him
It was so painful.

Hi everyone . Those Rose’s are lovely . I have a ring made with my Angel’s ashes in . He is with me all the time. I never take it off except when I’m doing the dishes . Xxx

Jay can you have ashes put in the roses x

I’m getting the belle serenity rose and the put ashes in the bottom of it. I’m also hoping to get a rings done to. I wear her wedding ring next to mine all the time. I won’t take it off. I also have a pendant that has some of her hair in it… she had the most lovely reddish hair. :broken_heart:

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Thank you may order one x