Should I feel guilty in moving forward?

Hi everyone,
First of all my condolences for your loss, if you’re on this site I’d imagine you too have lost somebody special in your life.
I lost my son just over nine years ago - he was 28.
My wife passed away in November 2022 so basically I am alone.
Although I have come to terms with my loss and I am functioning better, I am now starting to feel the need for female friendship. Should I feel guilty by wanting to move forward in my life?
I’m 62 and really don’t want to spend the rest of my life on my Jack jones. I’ve had to learn the hard way that life is too precious to let it slip by without doing the things I want to, but it’s boring to do it alone.
I would really appreciate your views - good or bad.
Thank you so much.


@trevorfoggia , hi , you shouldn’t feel guilty at all , what ever way you are feeling it is right for you . As you say you are on your own now , so you are the most important person to you now , and you have to do whatever makes this life easier for you , everyone deserves a bit of happiness in their lives . It’s over two years since my husband died. I can never see me wanting another relationship, but that’s me and how I feel , sorry for both of your losses. Xtake carex

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Thank you my friend.
Sorry for your loss also.
Take care xx