Should I get a cat

I lost my wife suddenly almost 4 weeks ago. I don’t have children or family. I am extremely lonley as now service is over phone calls have stopped.
Where I struggle is my wife although would not harm a cat never wanted on as only was brought up with a dog. I was Brought up with both.
I feel guilty at looking at getting a rescue cat. How should I feel?
I need something to beat this lonleyness as it’s driving me crazy.
Nothing can replace my girl but I’m going mad and madder Evey day

Absolutely get a pet a cat or dog I have both and they are such a comfort and I have to get up in the morning and feed them and take the dog out and care for them
It gives me a reason to go on

I have 3 rescue cats I already had them when my partner passed away suddenly and I am so glad having no children they are are the only thing keeping me going

I need something to keep me company so have already applied to adopt. Someone to talk to

I am so pleased for you , an animal gives so much
I picked Ian’s ashes up today and brought him home
He is in the bedroom next to his guitar
I stilll can’t believe that the love of my life is in that box heart breaking

I’m waiting to be called to pick up.
I initially was going to have her ashes scattered at a donkey scantuary she loved to visit. But I’m having second thought about letter her go from me. I’m so excited understanding why people behave in a way you don’t understand until you experience this type of loss.
This forum helps keeping me busy. TV on but not watching. Can’t put anything on we watched together

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I’m the same so many programmes we watched together that I can’t watch anymore
I can’t listen to the radio in case I hear songs that remind me of him
So I listen to talk radio
A good friend said to me that ‘grief is love with no place to go, so it escapes from your eyes and tears at your heart ‘
You need a little rescue cat to love
I couldn’t be without my dog


It might be worth waiting a while until the feelings calm down a bit. Cats are very sensitive to our moods so if your emotions are a bit unstable at the moment it might be hard for the cat to settle. Maybe try fostering to start with and see how it goes?

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I am thinking of buying a dog as i don’t think i would’ve coped without hugging my cousins dog

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Get a pet cat or dog it could be a great help to give you something else to think of and care for a pet would rely on you and give you a purpose to carry on.

Yes cat or dog - we are getting a puppy in 2 weeks and it is keeping me going after losing mum

I have just buried my father yesterday to Rest in peace and am missing him so much already… am feeling so sad

I am so sorry for you loss, my husband died in early may after a short 3 week illness. we have a rescue dog, and he gets me out of the house and he now sleeps on my bed, as he snores (my hubby snored) so i now sleep better. animals are fantastic for comfort and become an important part of the family. hope you adoption goes well.

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I got myself a rescue cat and called him Manuel.Having him has helped me so much through my grief.My husband and I talked about getting one but never did.So the fact that I’d just retired,and lockdown it was the perfect time.His a lovely cat and is good company.And I know my David would have loved him.So I would say get one.:+1::smirk_cat:.


Jay did get a cat. He named her Alliy (after his wife) and posted a picture on the “Mornings are the Worst” post. He isn’t on here much these days, he’s trying to keep busy with work and has his medications now, hope he’s ok.