Shutting down, closing up shop

I am reading a book about psychic intelligence. Sometimes, moving towards the spiritual arts, a very inward pursuit, might help in grief.

You are turning in but toward a positive, consoling light.

It talks about tuning into your psychic talents which I did a lot before loss. And now that they are dead, I turned it all off.

Akin to my title, shutting it all down. I am sure many on this board have “closed up shop.”

We have shut the door, closed the curtains, pulled down the shades, turned off the phone.

I used to be very open to “clues” “messages” from the universe and now I shut down the store and therefore those gifts are moth-balled, too.

We all kind of moth-ball ourselves and our lives in grief.
I think it is o.k. for a time.

But if you continue to live, is it not wiser to allow the world back in? We should be wary of a bad attitude disguised as protracted grief which I am guilty of. Because on our own death bed, we might have terrible regrets that we did not allow ourselves to live, at least a little.

And that we were selfish as well, in some cases, as when we close down the store, we also
deprive other people of our company.

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p.s. Also want to add, that if one is waiting to join their loved one in Heaven, it might be a long, long wait … so opening up a bit at a time might make the wait more bearable.

Don’t let grief become a bad attitude.

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I have just come across your post!
I agree very much with the sentiment and meaning of your words.
Although the horror and trauma of my experience with the death of my husband continues to overwhelm me at times, I do try my best to make small steps towards making a bearable new life for myself.
I have made positive friendships with other bereaved people through groupwork and we help each other to go forward on this new path. Also new friends with people who reached out to me quite randomly along the way.
I resigned from my job as it was toxic positivity on a daily basis and did my mental health no good whatsoever.
I am two years and three months down the line and some days I feel close to my husband other days it’s as if his essence has flown to the next phase, free from this mortal coil.
I have always stared my grief straight in the face and brought it with me like an unwanted visitor. I realise now it’s never going to leave so I put up with it, work around it, ignore it and sometimes I join it!
I hope to live to old age.
I want to help others through grief, this very natural occurrence in human lives. The most devastating and difficult of times and sometimes the most enlightening!
Take care x