Shutting down, closing up shop

I am reading a book about psychic intelligence. Sometimes, moving towards the spiritual arts, a very inward pursuit, might help in grief.

You are turning in but toward a positive, consoling light.

It talks about tuning into your psychic talents which I did a lot before loss. And now that they are dead, I turned it all off.

Akin to my title, shutting it all down. I am sure many on this board have “closed up shop.”

We have shut the door, closed the curtains, pulled down the shades, turned off the phone.

I used to be very open to “clues” “messages” from the universe and now I shut down the store and therefore those gifts are moth-balled, too.

We all kind of moth-ball ourselves and our lives in grief.
I think it is o.k. for a time.

But if you continue to live, is it not wiser to allow the world back in? We should be wary of a bad attitude disguised as protracted grief which I am guilty of. Because on our own death bed, we might have terrible regrets that we did not allow ourselves to live, at least a little.

And that we were selfish as well, in some cases, as when we close down the store, we also
deprive other people of our company.

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p.s. Also want to add, that if one is waiting to join their loved one in Heaven, it might be a long, long wait … so opening up a bit at a time might make the wait more bearable.

Don’t let grief become a bad attitude.

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