Sign from my mum

So I got my mums ashes last week and returned the keys for the house she stayed in for over 30 years. I also went back to work this week, its been a tough even though my team have been great. Glad I work from home as wee things setting me off.
Her ashes were still in the bag at the side of my sofa where she always sat when she visited. I listen to motown as that was her favourite music and certain songs remind me of her I picture her either dancing or singing along to them. Today music was on and I moved her ashes into a box that had some of her books in it, letters she from her sisters and nieces, the sympathy cards and a blanket one of her other sisters knitted for my son when he was a baby (she didn’t like being cold). So all wrapped up I put her her the cupboard in my living room as she wouldn’t want to be on show, she was never one to bring attention to herself. I literally closed the door and the next song I heard was ‘My Girl’ this was the song she came into at her funeral as one of her favourites (it’s not played all week). I said thanks mum your telling me you approve and are happy :sparkling_heart:


How lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I get the odd sign and strange coincidences and find it very comforting.

Beki xx

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That just made what was another difficult week without her a bit easier.

Valda x


All these seemingly smallish gestures carry a lot of meaning now dont they. Giving keys back etc and you have a reaction to the last 30 years with her.
I really didnt know how Id feel when someone delivered my mums ashes today. I was teary but very pleasantly surprised at how beautuful the box is. Id been lamenting slightly at how someone could justify charging £160 for a box…? ! She would love it, as I do.
Youve put your Mum in a place she wouldve approved of and she let you know :blush: The song starting just then cant be a councidence can it! Ive put my mum in the chair she used to sit in (we lived together in recent years) and Ive spoken to her and given the box a few kisses. It feels comforting to have heŕ back home with me.
There will be many more signs Im sure…
Mazza x

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Thank you for your words I feel the same as you I think it must mean something. Getting their ashes is a big part of the process and how we cope with it and do with them, we want to do something they will approve of it’s comforting as she is back with us. I am the same think it’s something from her as she knows how much me and her grandson miss her :sparkling_heart:

Wow that really is an amazing sign.

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Gosh, I had a really bad day of aching for my mum, yesterday…I found it hard to cope with it but I do feel a little better thankfully .

Even though I’m not religious and studied science (so I like to see hard evidence of theories) I do believe that there is a spiritual energy we don’t know so much about. When my mum was dying, I read about accounts from hospice and palliative nurses who had quite a few similar experiences, yet were unconnected from eachother. There must be something! I know it’s comforting to see and feel signs isn’t it. I’m sure your mum must know somewhere how much she’s missed by you and her grandson! How can something like that disappear into nothingness?! I’ve always believed in serendipity though, as have had some really unexplained positive coincidences, in the past!

Last week I was with my Dad and his newish partner (he left my mum for a pretty awful woman years ago). We were talking about the possibility of white feathers appearing, after people have passed. Later on, I moved the cushion off my lap and there were 2 white feathers there. I laughed and wanted to believe she was giving me the strength to deal with 2 people! So, I will :grinning:

I hope others are having an OK day,

Mazza x


You take it as your sign and I hope that you are doing better today. There are no two days the same in this journey that we are all currently in without them.

I found a picture of me and my ex husband yesterday going through some of her papers and thought better not put that in the cupboard beside her as she definitely would not approve. :joy::sparkling_heart:
Take care
Valda xx

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Yes,Im sure their energies would not be in alignment! The cupboard might start moving around on its own…:smiley:
When I got the ashes snd felt comforted I Googled possible explanations and got lead onto some paranormal stories, regarding the ashes being at home. Good and bad ones!
I told my friend who replied “Stop looking up daft stories on the Internet!!” Ha…
Take care. This journey is hard isnt it…
Mazza x

It certainly is a difficult journey we are on, the hardest one I have ever been on. I have just been to see my uncle, her wee brother who lost his wife last year and he is great with me and my son.
We talk about the two of them as they were also close and I always come away feeling that wee bit better. Yes your friend is right ha ha, that’s hilarious :joy:.

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Aww how fantastic I haven’t had any signs for a while now but I hope I will have one soon .
Deborah x

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Hi ladies,

How are you doing today?

Last Friday I went to organise Mum’s funeral (alone, as I’m a single Mum) and I managed to get through till near the very end without breaking down. It was only when the lady said ‘‘you’ve done so well’’ that I lost it.

On to ‘‘signs’’ I put a small windmill in the garden the other day, Dad made it and it’s in Mum’s favourite colour (yellow) I was watching it, talking to them in the morning, then just before the appointment I went out into the garden (there was no wind previously) and I said to the windmill ‘‘off I go, wish me luck and please give me strength’’ I had tears in my eyes when I said that, and the windmill started flying round so fast it almost toppled over . I laughed out loud. It was like it was them giving me all the luck in the world.

I know some people don’t believe in signs, but I do and I know it was them. Made me happy



Hi Banafell,
I am a single parent to but was fortunate enough to have my uncle with me and as much as they are lovely at the funeral directors it’s tough. I am so glad that you got your sign before you went, your mum obviously knew and it was probably to give you the strength you needed to get through it. I have to say I am tearing up just reading your post.
I have been struggling the last few days not sure if just another stage of this grief, my sleep is out the window and just feeling emotionally drained. Really missing her just now but hoping as the week goes by it will get easier.
Hope you managed to get everything organised for the funeral that you wanted to.
:sparkling_heart: Valda

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Thats wonderful.
Definitly a sign. Just helps so much
Deborah x