Significant moments missed

Hi, I’m new here so forgive me if i don’t do this right.

I lost my dad in 2015 and whilst the grief process is constantly ebbing and flowing recently I’ve been hyper aware of his passing and how much i miss him. I’m in my third year of uni now, and there are so many big life events that he has missed, e.g. me going to uni, travelling, growing as a person, and there’s so much he will miss and I’m really really struggling to live with that right now. I miss him so much, i miss talking to him about everything and hearing his voice and him just being there. I don’t know if i am rambling or not but does anyone else feel the same/ understand what i mean???

thanks x

Hello Charlotte,
Yes, we do all feel like you do, and understand what you are going through. At certain times in life, we feel that loss very acutely, and have to grieve for what might have been as well as what has gone. Have courage, and feel your pain. Let your tears come. Remember that he will always be with you, and that you will never forget him. Think of what he would have said to you in times of deep sadness or great achievement. Enjoy your final year at Uni, it will be a stressful but exciting time. And remember that we are all here to support you. We know how you feel, and what you are experiencing. Keep in touch, keep posting. Big hug. Tulabelle xxx

Dear Charlotte
I’m just sending warm wishes your way.
I’m sorry to hear about your loss and your feelings that your Dad will miss significant moments in your life. My Dad passed away a few weeks ago, but I realise how much of a presence he still has in my life! My outlook, philosophies, the way I raise my children…he is very near me and I believe that your Dad will be near you too. He will be proud of your many adventures and acheivements. The more you do and continue to grow and embrace your life, you are also celebrating him.
Best wishes

Dear Charlotte . My husband died suddenly 9 weeks ago . We have 3 daughters 30 , 25 and 21 . My youngest daughter is in her final year in uni training to be a mental health nurse . She was the only one to still live at home and while we are all struggling to make sense of what has happened I think it has hit her very hard and she is missing him terribly . Grief comes in waves we find . Sometimes we are coping and sometimes not at all . It’s very hard but keep plodding on . Talk to people who understand what you are going through …like on here . I lost my dad when I was in my early thirties after a long battle with cancer . I grieved terribly after him and became very depressed . The recent loss of my husband has been even more painful to experience but I am coping better than after my dad . I think it’s an age thing . Dealing with losses as you grow up can ultimately make you more resilient . But while you are still young and hurting deeply it is so very hard . I wish I had some magic solution but I don’t . We are all in the same boat and it is horrible . We are all grieving cos we loved our dads and our husbands but how much worse would it be if we had never had them . Carry your dad with you everyday in your heart and soul . Make him proud of the person you are becoming . You will be sad on special occasions as well as everyday but carry him with you and he will give you strength . Sending big hugs . Romy xxx