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Hi. I just registered today here and it says my expiry date here ends tomorrow? I don’t understand. I’m in a bit of a mess right now after loosing my oldest son 3 weeks ago. It’s very hard right now. Thank you. Lily

Hi Lily,

I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your son. I’m glad that you’ve found this site and I just wanted to reassure you that your account won’t expire - it will remain open unless you ever ask me to close it.

I’m not sure what you’ve seen to give you the impression that there is a time limit on your account. If you can give me any information about where it says this, maybe I can clear up the misunderstanding. But, either way, I can assure you that your account will remain open.

I hope that it helps a little bit to be part of this community and talk to others who are going through similar experiences. You may wish to start another new conversation to share a bit more about your son and how you are feeling. You should get some supportive replies.

You may also wish to have a browse of recent conversations in the Losing a Child section of the site to read other people’s experiences. Feel free to post a reply in any conversation if you’d like to talk more to someone.

If I can be of any more help, you can get in touch with me at

Community Manager

Thank you Priscilla

Hi Priscilla. It was when i had made the registration to join. I don’t know how to gwt back to that particular page. Sorry. Lily

This might have been something to do with the account verification step, where you had to check your email and click a link in order to activate your account. In any case, your account is active now and active accounts do not expire on this site, so please don’t worry - you can carry on posting and getting support.